22 Badge Holders Share Their Biggest Lessons From SXSW Interactive 2014


SXSW Interactive leaves attendees enlightened, inspired, and with a smiles on their faces. Some shared what they’ll take away from their experience over the past few days.

  1. “There seems to be a lot of energy toward social and cultural innovation. Everyone wants to work to interact with one another and bridge the gaps in the fields.”
    – Racheal San, Toronto
  2. “My industry is always a step behind. I want to help take it to the right level by bringing back what I’ve learned these past few days.
    – Jessica Hyatt, San Antonio
  3. “It was my first year at SXSW. I had heard about it, but I was really amazed by how diverse the crowed was. It shows the power of the festival to bring together people from all backgrounds to enhance the tech world.
    – Sara Kipling, Seattle
  4. “For me, the time is coming for businesses to not only do what is best for business, but for the world. I think alot of the companies I saw here this year are answering that call.”
    – Paul Osbladeston, Wales
  5. “One of the big things for me was you shouldn’t spend too much time at the really big stuff. There’s so much offered here. Otherwise, you don’t learn anything.”
    – Jaime Trent, Charlotte
  6. “Austin Kleon’s session resonated with me the most. The way he explains creativity is fascinating.”
    – Tina Kavanagh, Frankfurt
  7. ” Between Snowden and other discussions, I really noticed a trend around big data and crowed funding.”
    – Melisa Lum, Dallas
  8. “I learned not to hoard my ideas and to share them. It’s the only way we can grow as a community- no matter what community you’re a part of.”
    – Laura Clemons, Austin
  9. “I met so many people my first year, I had to come back. There’s really no opportunity like it for networking in this field.”
    – Sara Hosley, London
  10. “We heard so much about South By, we figured it had to be something worth experiencing. We were right. The people, the culture of the city, the speakers- all of it great.”
    – Alex Sherman, Connecticut
  11. “I just started running an accelerator. I’ll definitely take back things I learned in the startup pitching sessions- the shark tank-style one was pretty cool.”
    – Peter Prop, Connecticut
  12. “My rectangular framed glasses aren’t rectangular enough….And Neil deGrasse Tyson knows everything.”
    – Kelly Fine, The Austinist
  13. “Wearable’s are the new social. Everyone’s talking about and using them.”
    – Cheryl Forrest, Raleigh
  14. “Just the energy! I always leave feeling like I can conquor the world.”
    – Justin Tunt, New Haven
  15. “I honestly just love coming to Austin. I think SXSW embodies the city’s culture you hear and read about.”
    – Jack Grovinski, Chicago
  16. “I’ll bring home some new ideas on the social and tech side of things to help my industry step into the new era.”
    – Muffy Mascio, Austin.
  17. “I attended for ten years starting 15 years ago,” she skipped 5 years. “I remember when Twitter was launched and was presenting here. I guess my lesson over those years is never underestimate the companies you see here.”
    – Janet Cacchioni, Vancouver
  18. “Entrepreneurship is solving a simple problem, and THEN thinking big.”
    – Kyle Clawson, Kansas City
  19. “Everything you put online is permanent. Choose wisely what you do with it. Also, data is always being harvested. That’s a pro and a con in the industry depending on which side of the fence you’re on.”
    Jonathan Jow, Austin