Alex Dropkin

Alex Dropkin is an Austin-based journalist and University of Texas master's student whose interests lie in science writing, long form journalism, and narrative nonfiction.

| 5 min read
A Q&A with Dr. Dev Shrestha, University of Idaho about the future of food.

| 5 min read
For the right price, amateur shooters can make the same shots as world-class marksmen.

If all goes according to plan, Austin startup Shelfbucks will be making retailers and shoppers happy nationwide in just a matter of months.

At any given moment, investor Jason Seats has 65 separate companies on his mind- 32 of which he's personally invested in.

On the top floor of the Omni Hotel in front of a full audience of programmers, recruiters, family and friends, 30 blue-shirted students presented their transformations from amateurs to skilled software developers.

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