Beth Cortez-Neavel

Beth is a freelance journalist, photographer, videographer and data reporter living in Austin, Texas. She reports on the tech industry, education, public welfare, reproductive health, food culture and religion.

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As the battle between Tesla and the Texas State Legislature rages on, many Austinites are stepping up to make some changes to the State's laws.

| 9 min read
With Bitcoin as a technology it feels like we are reliving the early days of the internet. Seven startups in and he is only getting started.

Grouper offers a new way for meet new people- in groups of six.

After spending time in Afghanistan, co-founders Mary Haskett and Alex Kilpatrick applied their military knowledge and experience to forming identity verification company, BeehiveID.
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Girl Develop It’s goal is to empower women to explore the tech industry – a field that is becoming increasingly dominated by men.

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