Cassie Gallegos

Cassie is a freelance photographer focused on building her business Tejas Prints Photography.

South by Southwest 2014 is a wrap. It’s hard to take in all that was packed into the week, so we have compiled 19 photos sampling the atmosphere throughout the festival.

Tucked in a neighborhood in Austin's West Campus district are unassuming cottages. The homes were the birthplace of a group of UT undergraduates with undergraduates with first-generation iPhones in hand and a big idea in mind.

| 9 min read
A guest post from accomplished entrepreneur Gary Hoover identifying the problems and potential solutions to Austin's Traffic woes.

| 9 min read
With Bitcoin as a technology it feels like we are reliving the early days of the internet. Seven startups in and he is only getting started.

| 7 min read
Meet some of Bitcoin's earliest adopters and learn what they're doing to build up the cryptocurrency in the future.

The first annual uMAD overnight bootcamp filled the Bill Gates computer science center. See photos and more.

An enthusiasts hobby turns into nationwide hub for startups.

The most important competition in the Austin, TX startup community takes place across beer pong tables.

Sparefoot's laid back office atmosphere may be the key to their success.

At any given moment, investor Jason Seats has 65 separate companies on his mind- 32 of which he's personally invested in.

uShip's coding strategy is easier on its developers and results in less bugs.

By directly addressing customer needs and delivering products at low shipping costs, has not only changed the online appliance retailer’s profits, it has changed its founder.

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