Rob Preliasco

Rob is a freelance writer and musician in East Austin.

Cycling buddies Tommy Fad and Jason Whitson,creators of the “fitness search engine” and app Gritness, are ready to admit something: getting motivated to work...

With the new iPhone app Peach, users swipe right or left on wholesale field greens and beef patties rather than potential love interests. It’s...

Austin startup, Atlas, plans to produce fitness wristband that will pick up slack left by Nike + Fuleband and Fitbit

The most important competition in the Austin, TX startup community takes place across beer pong tables.

Sparefoot's laid back office atmosphere may be the key to their success.

Steve Golab used his brush with death as a learning experience, applying its lesson to his work.

Austin Startup, Favor, left California for Texas and found opportunity for their business model.

Austin startup Tugg is solving an age-old film distribution problem, mobilizing fans to buy tickets and creating opportunity for indie filmmakers.

Austin-based startup, Silvercar, is revolutionizing the rental car industry. Your next rental experience may be as easy as downloading an app.

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