Illumitex: Energy Efficient LED Lighting


With their patented LED light technology, Illumitex is quickly improving the efficiency of commercial lighting.

Having doubled their revenue last year- the company’s success comes from their fresh approach to LED lighting. Typically, LED manufacturers will integrate the LED lights into a lighting fixture and place a secondary optic over it to focus the light. This procedure creates lambertian and many of the light photons are lost. Illumitex’s secondary optic is integrated down to the LED dye level. The results are a much smaller, less expensive product that is much more efficient than traditional LEDs.

Founded in 2005, Illumitex initially aimed to commercialize the patented LED optic technology and sell it to lighting manufacturers. However, the company decided to change that in 2012 when they decided to create their own lighting fixtures instead of using other companies’ fixtures.82N75RAjeJL

“There was just much more potential on the fixture side of things,” said Eric Anderson, Vice President of Business Development. “Our product is so unique, we decided to create our own value.”

Currently, Illumitex’s clients are mostly industrial markets but they also work with horticultural lighting. Anderson noted the company is also beginning to explore the dermatology market because the spectra of the light produced by Illumitex’s product is successful and efficient in getting rid of acne.

Anderson said the company’s biggest challenge has been learning how to balance all of the potential work coming their way.

“We can be successful in so many markets so we try to focus on the largest ones and not get spread too thin,” he said.

Anderson expressed confidence in Illumitex’s future, noting their goals are just to continue fine tuning what they do and focusing on the markets that matter to them most.

Illumitex’s unique patented technology is certainly reason for their quick success in a thriving market. However, Anderson also notes the the success is due to the company itself.

“We’re just becoming a very service oriented company,” he said. “We want to make sure we take care of our customers and service those markets.”