The 10 worst things about working for Techzette:

1.) We don’t have an office, so you might have to write outside in a park on an 80 degree day.

2.) Sometimes you have to bring a photographer along with you on interviews.

2.a.) Photographers: sometimes you have to bring a writer(journalist) with to your photo shoots.

3.) Some days Dave will give you books to read. 

4.) Your article goes through 3-5 rounds of edits on average before publication.

5.) We’re really terrible at headlines.

6.) We’re always testing out new article formats.

7.) Pay is based on quality. Don’t suck and you’ll do just fine.

8.) Once a month, we bring all of our journalists and photographers together for family-style dinner and conversation.

9.) When we work together, we only listen to Hans Zimmer.

10.) We struggle with making listicles and shy away from making them.


If these things are tolerable, send Carl (he hates that name) your resume or portfolio:

We’re looking for interns for the summer! Email us!