Meet the Teams from UT Austin’s Spring Demo Day


Eleven teams of University of Texas at Austin student entrepreneurs presented their startups in front of hundreds at the sixth Longhorn Startup Demo Day Thursday evening. Throughout the semester, students worked to develop business models and were given the chance to pitch to potential investors and other spectators.

To close the event, founder of Circuit of the Americas, Bobby Epstein, sat down with UT Professor of Innovation, Bob Metcalfe for an interview.

Below is a complete list and description of the companies developed:

Presenting UpNext, a restaurant app that tells the user wait times.

Aimed at those who frequent restaurants, UpNext is a mobile app that allows guests to search restaurants by wait time. The information is gathered via crowd sourcing and local restaurant participation.

 Everywhere Energy

Everywhere Energy is the power behind Eversole, a shoe inserts that uses the energy from the users movement and converts it to usable electric energy. The external battery pack lives in the sole and can charge any USB device.


Nick Spiller, ShorePower


Basedrive is an on-site storage platform for law firm data. The device manages the data from all of the platforms and softwares a company uses. The device is accessible from anywhere, simple to install and the data is completely hidden from the company.


Aimed to improve productivity and retention in new employees, Pinecone streamlines the on boarding process. The platform allows employers to keep track of an employees on boarding process and is advantageous for both the employee and employer.


Dan Driscoll presenting Prepify

Absolutely free online SAT prep, Prepify is aiming to become the leading platform for online learning. The goal is to tackle the currently 300 point gap between low income students and their more affluent peers.


ShorePower creates independent micro-electric grids using smartgrid technology and renewable resources. ShorePower allows marinas to use solar power instead of traditional energy.

Presenting mobile stealth adventure game, “The Runners”


Waterford hosts a mobile role-playing game called “The Runners.” It is a mobile stealth adventure game that follows the quick bite size game play model.


The team combined features from Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp, and text messaging to create an app that allows the user to locate their friends at local bars.  Given Austin’s vibrant downtown, the team has started beta testing on Sixth and Rainey Streets.


MicroMulsion produces microgels for cell cultures in bioengineering research. They announced that Mark Cuban recently became a seed investor

AirType, a wearable typing device.


Airtype learns your typing patterns based on finger movements. Based on a wearable product, it allows users to type seamlessly and is optimized for tablet use.


Freeput aspires to revolutionize medical technology. The wearable device is aimed at disabled victims eager to lead normal lives. The device allows you to control a computer mouse with your eyes.

More photos from the event:

Photos by Bryan Winter


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