Tugg Photo gallery

Photo gallery from Tugg: Coming to a Theater Near You

Silvercar to Save Airport Car Rentals

Austin-based startup, Silvercar, is revolutionizing the rental car industry. Your next rental experience may be as easy as downloading an app.

Businesses Accepting Bitcoin in Austin, Texas

Purchasing with bitcoin in Austin, Texas is growing ever more optioned; from food trucks to books to even firearms. In a photo journal of the day, check out all the options that we came across.

SXSW Day Three: From Slump to Serendipity

Editor’s note: This is the third article in a series documenting Carl Shultz’s first time attending SXSW. Check back daily to read the rest of the...

Mutual Mobile: The Company With Five Co-Founders

Tucked in a neighborhood in Austin's West Campus district are unassuming cottages. The homes were the birthplace of a group of UT undergraduates with undergraduates with first-generation iPhones in hand and a big idea in mind.

SXSW Day One

In a series documenting the first-time attendance of SXSW, Techzette editor Carl Shultz looks to find what the festival is all about.

Photos of the 3 Day Startup Austin, Texas

A photogallery of the Fall 3 Day Startup event in Austin Texas.

BeehiveID: Using Super Powers for Good

After spending time in Afghanistan, co-founders Mary Haskett and Alex Kilpatrick applied their military knowledge and experience to forming identity verification company, BeehiveID.

MetroRapid Proves Slow to Solving Austin’s Congestion Problem

Everything you need to know about the Pros and Cons of CapMetro's new urban transportation plan for Austin.

Defining and Solving Austin’s Traffic Problem

A guest post from accomplished entrepreneur Gary Hoover identifying the problems and potential solutions to Austin's Traffic woes.

Makersquare Career day Photogallery

Photo gallery from Makersquare: Stemming the Trend of Bootcamp Education

Austin CEO Builds Company Out of Experience with Cancer

CEO Patti Rogers battle with cancer taught her the importance of community and inspired a new platform.

Gritness: Finding Fitness Groups Near You

Cycling buddies Tommy Fad and Jason Whitson,creators of the “fitness search engine” and app Gritness, are ready to admit something: getting motivated to work...

The Direct Approach to Sustaining a 14 Year Enterprise

By directly addressing customer needs and delivering products at low shipping costs, LivingDirect.com has not only changed the online appliance retailer’s profits, it has changed its founder.

Living on Bitcoin in Austin – Day Three

When I awoke Thursday, I discovered bitcoin’s price had dropped nearly 5% over night. Although this week saw positive news for the currency, exchange...

Snowden Reminds SXSW is More Than Celebs and Networking

Proclaimed NSA "whistleblower," Edward Snowden spoke Monday, March 10th at SXSW Interactive via video chat reportedly through 7 proxy servers from Russia. In an interview with...

Atlas Wristband to Capitalize Where Nike and Fitbit are Weak

Austin startup, Atlas, plans to produce fitness wristband that will pick up slack left by Nike + Fuleband and Fitbit

HackTX is Underway

425 hackers have filled the University of Texas at Austin's Student Activity Center to code, hack and design their way into a new day, competing for over $10,000 in prizes.

22 Badge Holders Share Their Biggest Lessons From SXSW Interactive 2014

SXSW Interactive leaves attendees enlightened, inspired, and with a smiles on their faces. Some shared what they'll take away from their experience over the...

SXSW 2014 in 19 Photos

South by Southwest 2014 is a wrap. It’s hard to take in all that was packed into the week, so we have compiled 19 photos sampling the atmosphere throughout the festival.

Tesla Battle Far From Over: Austin Pushes for Change in Texas

As the battle between Tesla and the Texas State Legislature rages on, many Austinites are stepping up to make some changes to the State's laws.

Tugg: Coming to a Theater Near You

Austin startup Tugg is solving an age-old film distribution problem, mobilizing fans to buy tickets and creating opportunity for indie filmmakers.

How Austin’s Startup Games Create a Close Community

The most important competition in the Austin, TX startup community takes place across beer pong tables.

Five Days Of Using Only Bitcoin In Austin

What life is like after deciding to give up credit cards and cash, and only transact using bitcoin for the next five days in Austin.

Lyft to Launch in Austin This Week

Lyft, a car sharing commuting service, is hitting the Austin transportation scene in an effort to offer an alternative transportation option for residents. The...

Querium Finds Secret to Student Success

Of the 60 percent of college students that attend a community college, 70 percent are not college ready once they finish their studies at the community institute. Querium's trying to fix that disparity.

How Paul Snow became Austin’s Head Bitcoin Enthusiast

When Paul Snow first bought Bitcoin on a whim, he never expected it would go this far.

Hackathons: A Factory of Tomorrow’s Factories

Take a look inside the mysterious events that are changing everything from the way people learn to how companies are developing.

Girl Develop It: Empowering Women in Tech

Girl Develop It’s goal is to empower women to explore the tech industry – a field that is becoming increasingly dominated by men.

Phunware Strategy Showing Growth Potential

When other tech entrepreneurs scrambled to carve out their own niches at the beginning of the smartphone boom in 2007, Alan Knitowski saw the bigger picture.

RetailMeNot Projects Record Holiday Sales

According to analysts, RetailMeNot will increase holiday income more than 35 percent, putting it ahead of Amazon this season.

Cryptowomen Worldwide: Closing the Gender Gap

Seldom does such a chance come to set an industry right: that gender not be a detracting factor in the opportunity of an individual. In Austin, TX the makings of a global organization...

Build A Sign: On the Factory Floor

Take a look inside Build A Sign's manufacturing plant, warehouse, and office space.