Photo gallery from sets new trend for performing artists

Sparefoot's laid back office atmosphere may be the key to their success.

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Girl Develop It’s goal is to empower women to explore the tech industry – a field that is becoming increasingly dominated by men.

At any given moment, investor Jason Seats has 65 separate companies on his mind- 32 of which he's personally invested in.

While budding artists struggle on the road, offers a solution.

The most important competition in the Austin, TX startup community takes place across beer pong tables.

Illumitex's patented lights conserve energy and may be the light of the future.

Steve Golab used his brush with death as a learning experience, applying its lesson to his work.

Right to left: Sam Chang, Andre Pacheco, Francisco Prat, and Felicia GoldenSecondMic is an iOS app that offers live alternative TV commentary for...

Editor's note: As a way to kick off our Bitcoin week, we've aggregated some of the best publications explaining the cryptocurrency's purpose, history, and future.  We'll...

According to analysts, RetailMeNot will increase holiday income more than 35 percent, putting it ahead of Amazon this season.

When I awoke Thursday, I discovered bitcoin’s price had dropped nearly 5% over night. Although this week saw positive news for the currency, exchange...