Startups at April’s TechBreakfast


The April TechBreakfast, the unconventional pitch meeting and networking event held across the country, was hosted at local incubator Capital Factory for the first time this month. Attendees listened to demos from five startups over breakfast tacos, coffee and a view of the city. Here are the five companies that demoed at April’s event.

A launch annoucement from Downtyme’s linkedIn



Headquartered in Boston, Downtyme is a mobile app that helps users schedule free time with friends. Aimed toward university students, Downtyme compares the user’s schedule with his or her friends so the user knows who is available the next hour for a lunch date or a quick pickup game. The user can also see who’s available in the area and choose who can view their availability or location.


Scavr is a service aimed at the modern adventurer. It is a platform to simplify scavenger hunts with a clean interface that allows the user to create a hunt, register participants and track progress.

Pitch Deals

Pitch Deals is a combination of Groupon and Priceline, as founder Johan Borge put it. The service allows customers to pitch deals to their favorite restaurants, helping restaurants entice customers on slow days of business and allowing customers to save money on their meal following the parameters the restaurant sets.


Packagr is a publishing tool with an intuitive interface. The tool allows users to easily publish content in a variety of formats including iPad magazines, eBooks and HTML5.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Shobot platform allows users to DVR any television show from anywhere. The platform helps networks promote their shows by creating online advertisements with “DVR it call-to-action ads.” The networks benefit by attracting interested customers into viewers and viewers get the instant gratification of having their shows recorded.