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Students at Vandegrift High School are building GPS technology that even firms in Austin are yet to develop.

Of the 60 percent of college students that attend a community college, 70 percent are not college ready once they finish their studies at the community institute. Querium's trying to fix that disparity.

425 hackers have filled the University of Texas at Austin's Student Activity Center to code, hack and design their way into a new day, competing for over $10,000 in prizes.

Grouper offers a new way for meet new people- in groups of six.

How to enjoy the upcoming week without breaking the bank.

When other tech entrepreneurs scrambled to carve out their own niches at the beginning of the smartphone boom in 2007, Alan Knitowski saw the bigger picture.

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Everything you need to know about the Pros and Cons of CapMetro's new urban transportation plan for Austin.

CEO Patti Rogers battle with cancer taught her the importance of community and inspired a new platform.

The most important competition in the Austin, TX startup community takes place across beer pong tables.

Twenty companies gathered to present their four-minute demo to a group of 500 people at the SXSW Tech Breakfast event. Here is a highlight of the companies that presented.

Photo gallery from sets new trend for performing artists

| 5 min read

When Paul Snow first bought Bitcoin on a whim, he never expected it would go this far.