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Photo gallery from Makersquare: Stemming the Trend of Bootcamp Education

CEO Patti Rogers battle with cancer taught her the importance of community and inspired a new platform.

South by Southwest 2014 is a wrap. It’s hard to take in all that was packed into the week, so we have compiled 19 photos sampling the atmosphere throughout the festival.

Austin Startup, Favor, left California for Texas and found opportunity for their business model.

Cam Houser, CEO of 3 Day Startup, refuses to accept failure at face value. In fact, learning through failure and experience is a philosophy...

The most important competition in the Austin, TX startup community takes place across beer pong tables.

At any given moment, investor Jason Seats has 65 separate companies on his mind- 32 of which he's personally invested in.

Sparefoot's laid back office atmosphere may be the key to their success.

What life is like after deciding to give up credit cards and cash, and only transact using bitcoin for the next five days in Austin.

Meet the 14 groups that presented at MakerSquare's Career Day

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Borgest founder, Richard MacKinnon is driving the world to cast a wider net when it comes to discussing wearable tech- bringing cyborgs to the table.

By directly addressing customer needs and delivering products at low shipping costs, has not only changed the online appliance retailer’s profits, it has changed its founder.